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Tired of your Onewheel GT overheating? The Ice Clips are custom-designed heatsinks that take advantage of ALL the surface area on your axle, keeping your motor cool and your stoke levels high on even the gnarliest trails.

Ice Clips

  • The Onewheel GT has been notorious for overheating on intense rides; there's nothing more disappointing than sitting around waiting for your board to cool down. Even worse, extremely high motor temperatures result in less torque and possible rotor magnet glue failure. At best, you're putting more strain on your electronics and at worst you destroy your motor.

    Ice Clips are a cost-effective solution for motor heat dissipation. They come in sets of 4 pieces to cover both sides of your axle. With 90 square inches of surface contact, they siphon away heat fast. Installation takes mere minutes and is as simple as removing the thermal tape, placing the heatsinks on the axle (not touching the hub), and snapping them together. This product is made from anodized 6063-T6 aluminum, which will hold up to even the most intense abuse that you can put your Onewheel through. Nudge that curb or smash that drop, Ice Clips can take it!

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