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  • Why did mine come with two different sizes?
    Ice Clips ship in sets of four. Two of them are wider than the others. The wider ones go on the power button side, and the thinner ones go on the side where you usually have the maghandle. They are made at different lengths so that they can be as wide as possible and maximize cooling on your Onewheel GT.
  • What are they made of?
    Ice Clips are made of 6063 extruded aluminum coated in an anodized finish. This means they are strong, lightweight, and functional.
  • Do the Ice Clips work with a maghandle?
    No. You will have to remove the Maghandle to install these.
  • How do these work?
    The Ice Clips snap around both sides of the Onewheel GT axle. The heat that comes from your motor travels through the axle, into the Ice Clips, and out into the surrounding air. Ice Clips have a lot of surface area on the cooling fins which allows for a much faster heat transfer than what the Onewheel GT provides stock.
  • What tools do I need.
    All you need to install our heatsink is a pair of pliers. Check out our installation video on YouTube!
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