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Aluminum Heatsink for Onewheel - GT

Ice Clips


Rigid Design

Ice Clips are designed to withstand heavy impacts just like all the other components on your Onewheel.

Fast Cooling

With a surface area of 90 square inches, and the included thermal tape, the Ice Clips pull heat out of your Onewheel at a rapid rate.

Easy Attachment

The EZ Snap attachment means you don't have to take your Onewheel apart to install these heatsinks. Your board will be ready to go in minutes. 

Professional Finish

Anodized in a few different finish options; choose how you want to customize your Onewheel.

Incredibly Cool. 

Checkout our Thermal Tests on Youtube! Have your Onewheel ready in minutes.


- Dave -

Fits just right, EZ install and already an improvement on hard trails and hot sunny days. Really helps dropping the motor temp. Good add for a GT! 


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